Tomi Chen

old gum

December 2017 – September 2018

Archived Web (domain expired) was my first dive into web “design”/server management. When I was younger, I really liked thinking up fake product ideas and making advertisements for them, something I still enjoy. In sixth grade, some friends and I came up with the idea of Old Gum, which is essentially ABC gum that has been left out for a long time. Details are fuzzy, but basically I created a flyer advertising the product as well as a Google site, and then decided to create my own site with the help of a friend, who did all the CSS.

To host the site, I used a Raspberry Pi running Apache at first, then Nginx. This was really a great playground for me to learn about web technologies and web servers. I also hosted a bunch of other small projects as well, and even made a website for a school math assignment!

I had an interest in web security as well, and having this server allowed me to learn different things related to that – setting up certificates for HTTPS, firewalls, and even using Cloudflare.

Having this server really allowed me to learn and experiment with different things. It was a great place to practice skills on a real machine, hosting things from toilet water to ASMR Russian Roulette to different easter egg hunts for my friends and even some (poorly made) browser games.

While the original Raspberry Pi is offline and the free domain has expired, I’ve uploaded the static files to Netlify. Links above link to the Netlify version.