Tomi Chen

screenshot of the CVHS Assassins site dashboard

CVHS Assassins

March/April 2023 Source


CVHS Assassins is a site commissioned for the 2023 CVHS Senior Assassins game. The website allows players to view their targets and submit kills, all in one place. The site was also controlled using a master Google Spreadsheet, allowing the game organizers to easily manage the game.

I was commissioned to build this site by the people organizing the game in order to simplify game management. I’m not entirely sure how the game turned out in the end, but it was interesting to build. Using Google Sheets as an admin interface makes it much easier for people to use, and directly accessing the API using a library is faster than proxying through Google Apps Script, which I used to do.

This project was the first time I used the Google Sheets API as a backend, and it was surprisingly easy to set up. Google Sheets is a great tool for allowing non-technical people to manage data and content, since building a separate admin dashboard is typically too much for small one-off projects.