Tomi Chen

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Capital Fish

April 2021 Source Live on the web

Web Game is an incremental game inspired by Cookie Clicker. It was originally created as a joke for my friends, but I later re-themed it for public release.

CapitalFish was created with Svelte, SvelteKit, and Tailwind CSS, and I had lots of fun building it!

I go into a lot more detail about why I chose these options and my process in my blog post, The Creation of CapitalFish.

a screenshot of the capital fish game

To play, you can either click the big red button (thanks Josh W. Comeau!) or click on the fish that are falling from the top of the screen. Clicking the falling fish are called “speared” fish, which you need to unlock certain items in the store.

I didn’t fully optimize and tweak the game for maximum retention, but I did play through a few times to tweak the store values. Feedback from friends seems to suggest that it’s still pretty good though, with a few people playing for hours trying to rack up those fish.

Building a game using just core web technologies was pretty interesting, and really opened my eyes to what was possible. Content doesn’t just have to be sitting statically on a page, it can move all around the page. I’ll be keeping these principles in mind while building future sites.