Tomi Chen

First Blog Post

By Tomi Chen December 21, 2020

Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve just spent the last few days adding this blog to the site—making and styling templates, updating fonts, and making images responsive. While a personal site is never truly finished, it’s now in a state where I feel comfortable publishing.

This first post is primarily for me to put down my goals for this blog and the kind of content I want to publish. My main goal is to document my projects and how I solved problems that arose. Hopefully, this will help someone (maybe even myself) tackle these issues in the future. I also hope that writing these things down can help me reflect on the project and improve my skills.

I may also post other content like tutorials or documentation if, and only if, I feel it would be helpful for either future me or someone else. I don’t want to repeat things that other people have already written about unless I believe I can do a much better job.

For example, when I was trying to make Scriscord, I was having a difficult time figuring out what I needed to do to get the darn thing to work. I could barely find any official documentation and only had a couple of Scratch discussion posts to go off. I eventually resorted to reading through the Scratch source code as well as another extension I found. After finally getting it to work, I wanted to document some of what I did. If I had this blog at the time, I would probably have been more motivated to do so, but unfortunately, this knowledge has now been lost to time. How 😔.